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I'm a freelance web designer based in Japan.

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Who are you delivering your message to?

létt is a freelance designer offering web-related work such as logos & websites etc. to small / medium-sized businesses. Freelancers are welcomed, too.

When you started your business or service,
there must be certain reasons behind, why you started.

There must be someone you wanted to help or make them happy through your services and products.

Are you really reaching out to those who are important to you?

Not making approaches to whoever randomly,
but by narrowing down a target, what you really want to deliver will spark demand in the right market.

If you specify on the concept and the value,
you can gather customers who relate to your thoughts.

Why not spend precious time for the people you care?




I create websites for owners of small & medium-sized businesses.
I offer the original design depending on your target customers and clients.

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Eye-catching Youtube thumbnails and stylish banners that improve your branding.

business shop card


Business cards & shop cards that are necessary to promote your business.
Let people recognize you.


※Printing is NOT included. Design only.



This includes Logo and Brand color.
Branding is the most important factor when promoting what you offer to your target consumers.
Logo is the face of the company will last a lifetime.



Editing photos & easy composites on Photoshop.


※Editing is not possible in some cases depending on the original photos.

To people who...

  • Love Japanese-like design using soft & warm undertone color
  • Providing services & business for Japanese or Asian people
  • Want to make differences with unique design


I tried out a free website builder but it ended up looking amateurish…
I need a trusted business website done by pro to look professional.

Be Original!

I don't want template like design with no originality even if it's cheap.
We want our own business website made exclusively and reach out to target customers.

Too much info…

There are too much information and I have no idea where to start with…
I appreciate professional help leading me what to do step by step.




Born in 1990. Based in Osaka, Japan.
I worked for a trading company after graduating from college.
After 6 years of experience, I decided to put myself in a completely different field to challenge my skill in design and started working at an advertising company.

“Work” takes up more than 1/3 of our lifetime.
I thought, then, why not fill up the time feeling fun, relaxed and comfortable? I want to live my life gracefully feeling that way at any time.
That’s when I made a choice of becoming a freelance designer.